Status and trends of populations

The trends of the populations are different depending on the region.

In the Provence area, there are concerns about the situation. The species has virtually disappeared from the Massif de l’Estérel and from the Massif du Tanneron. In the Massif de la Colle du Rouet, the numbers are very low and found in very restricted areas.
In the Massif des Maures, the trend shows a decline. This decline is particularly marked along the coast, where several populations known to be present in the 1980s have now disappeared.
There are nevertheless some important population nuclei in the Var, particularly in the Plaine des Maures.

This is not an irreversible trend.  The implementation of protection measures and conservation operations will contribute to a better understanding of the species and its requirements, and stem its decline.
In Corsica, the decline of the populations appears to be less severe yet very real (particularly south of Bastia, in the Porto-Vecchio area and in the Gulf of Ajaccio). Its decline is mainly due to fire forests and urbanisation; these two threats have grown in the last twenty years.
However, given the healthy numbers observed and the population dynamics, the situation is of far lesser concern here than it is on the mainland.