Protection of specimens and their habitat

Article 2 of the Ministerial Decree of 19 November 2007 prohibits, under specific conditions:

- The destruction or removal of eggs or nests, destruction, mutilation, capture or removal, intentional disturbance of animals in their natural environment
- The destruction, alteration or degradation of their breeding sites and their resting
- The possession, transport, peddling, offering for sale, sale or purchase, using specimens taken from the wild in France after May 12, 1979 and in Europe after the date of entry into force of the Flora-Fauna-Habitat Directive.

Since 24 July 2006, these bans (except for the prohibition of naturalization) shall not apply to specimens born and bred in captivity or lawfully introduced in France, but the provisions of EC Regulation 338/97 (including trade provisions) apply.