The involvement of many actors

The cause of the tortoise meets both associations, scientists, state departments or local authorities. Its conservation will be especially related to the control of man causing the disappearance of individuals and suitable habitat threats.

A National Action Plan for Hermann’s tortoise that defines a conservation strategy for the long term and identifies actions to be taken in favor of the Hermann tortoise was written in 2008 by different actors of his life (EPHE SOPTOM, CEN PACA and Conservatory Sites of Corsica).

The DREALs PACA and Corsica, the National Office of Hunt and Wildlife, the National Forestry Office, the PACA region, the Var General Council have been involved in the development of this document.

The plan includes eight operational objectives (2009-2014):

1. Improve the recognition of the needs of the species
2. Maintain a coherent network of suitable sites and populations
3. Maintain and develop favorable habitats
4. Reduce threats to fire
5. Limit losses of specimens
6. Avoid weakening the genetic or health of populations
7. Increase knowledge and scientific assessments
8. Involving the public in the conservation of the species.

A FEDER program (European Regional Development Fund) made from 2008 to 2009, entitled "Men and Turtles" was intended to unite, organize and enable all stakeholders around the issue of conservation of Hermann’s tortoise.
Brochure : Plan National d’Actions en faveur de la Tortue d’Hermann