Selection of intervention sites

The sites were chosen according to three main criteria:

- sites are within the perimeter of the Natura 2000 sites
- control over the land, thus ensuring the actions are sustainable
- sites correspond to the most important population nuclei (sites which clearly require priority conservation actions).


The sites selected therefore include communal forests, state-owned forests, an Environmentally Sensitive Area belonging to the Var departmental council, the site owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral en Plaine des Maures and private sites which the CEN PACA owns or has a management agreement on.







The following Natura 2000 sites are affected by concrete conservation actions and evaluation of Hermann’s Tortoise Life program:

- Plaine et Massif des Maures (FR9301622)

- Marais de Gavoty, Lac de Bonnecougne, Lac Redon (FR9301621)

- Forêt de Palayson, Bois du Rouet (FR9301625)

- Val d’Argens (FR9301626)

- Cap Taillat, Cap Lardier, Cap Camarat (FR9301624)