"Ce qu’il faut savoir sur la détention de la Tortue d’Hermann"

("What you should know about the detention of the Hermann’s tortoise")

 2 pages, SOPTOM, March 2013.
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 "Hermann’s tortoise, a protected wild animal"

6 pages, ARPE, November 2012.

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"The Hermann’s tortoise LIFE+ programme"

Trilingual (English, French, Occitan).
44 pages, ARPE, May 2012.
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It is a photographic exhibition edited for Life programme consisting of twelve large panels: AO format (120x84cm)  and A1 (84x60cm).

This exhibition illustrates, some of the threats, and the work done in the Life project.

"A la découverte de la Tortue d’Hermann"

"Discovering the Hermann’s tortoise"

36 pages, SOPTOM, 2012.

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