Management and experiments


Direct intervention at the selected sites in order to improve or increase the total area of suitable habitats for Hermann’s tortoises.


These are experimental actions, which can later be generalised and transferred to sites with similar problems.



They consist of :

- opening up the habitat  (tree cutting and bush clearing)

- improving hedges and copses

- creating water points

- using the necessary means to increase grazing at the intervention sites by involving local stakeholders in order to make the interventions permanent

- experimental improvement of the ground vegetation

- experimental controlled burning.
Life_tortue_hermann_120_intervention_Life_cen.jpg  Life_tortue_hermann_130_maquis_mosaique_cen_paca.jpg
Manual brushing and scrub mosaic

Life_tortue_hermann_131_debroussaillage_mecanique.jpg  Life_tortue_hermann_129_debardage_cen_paca.jpg
Mechanical clearing and logging

Life_tortue_hermann_133_point_eau_cen_paca.jpg  Life_tortue_hermann_134_point_eau_cen_paca.jpg  Life_tortue_hermann_135_point_eau_cen_paca.jpg
Creation of water points
Life_tortue_hermann_126_entretien_ovin_cen_paca.jpg  Life_tortue_hermann_127bis_entretien_asin_cen_paca.jpg  Life_tortue_hermann_128_entretien_bovin_cen_paca.jpg
Sheep, cattle and asin maintenance of Hermann’s tortoise habitats

Experimental controlled burning