Information, education and communication

Information and awareness are essential to contribute to the conservation of the Hermann’s tortoise.

Their main objectives are to improve the consideration of the species in planning projects and to change behaviors that affect wild populations and supportive environments.



Various media adapted to each of the public are published and distributed during the Life project :

- a trilingual brochure about the species and the project for institutional actors

- an information leaflet for the general public

- an educational exhibition and a photographic exhibition

- wildlife documentary film dedicated to the Hermann tortoise

- a website dedicated to the Hermann’s tortoise and the European Life program

- e-newsletters

- a phone number : SOS Hermann tortoise to answer questions and to be redirected to the relevant actors in each of the areas on

- newspaper articles reporting the news of the project and the species

- regular appearances in the media (TV, internet, ...)

- support tools for the management of tortoise habitats.

All these communication tools are addressed not only to the actors and public buildings, but also aim to have a national and European dimension in order to contribute to the conservation of the Hermann’s tortoise throughout its range .

Importantly, children’s education is based on the production of appropriate educational tools educational kits, school activities.

Finally, events are organized during the program in order to achieve a common work of reflection, networking, information and consultation on issues related to the tortoise (international workshop on the management of Hermann’s tortoises habitats , symposiums, public information meetings, technical meetings, ...).

 Life_tortue_hermann_151_brochure_institutionnelle_3_langues_arpe.jpg     Life_tortue_hermann_152_plaquette_grand_public_arpe.jpg
Trilingual brochure corporate brochure and public published in the program

Life_tortue_hermann_150_exposition_life_soptom.JPG  Life_tortue_hermann_153_exposition_photo_soptom.jpg
Exhibition and large format photo exhibition

Life_tortue_hermann_27_informer_plaine_des_maures.JPG   Life_tortue_hermann_26_informer_plaine_des_maures.JPG
Public information meetings

Life_tortue_hermann_76_plan_communication.jpg  Life_tortue_hermann_07_20_minutes_informer.jpg  Life_tortue_hermann_73_agir_surveillance_trafic_reglementation_protection.jpg
Communication plan and news articles