Life interventions on the Bois du Rouquan (Vidauban) start !


Forestry work to improve the habitat of the Hermann’s tortoise in the Bois du Rouquan (communal forest Vidauban) began.

The habitat of the Hermann’s tortoise carried on the Bois du Rouquan consists of interventions opening through scrub brush and cuts from pine plantations.

They are performed to optimize the interfaces between open areas and closed environments (openings mosaic). These interventions will be as favorable to the Hermann’s tortoise, but also to many other animal and plant species at issue. The Bois du Rouquan is a site with very high ecological value located in the National Natural Reserve of the Plaine des Maures (RNNPM).

The work is implemented here in the framework of the European program LIFE Hermann’s Tortoise (LIFE08NAT/F/000475) and supervised by the CEN PACA.